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About Us

Sein Sensor We provide the best products
based on our efforts and

Sein Sensor was established to help customers with the products by carefully
selected from globally competitive suppliers.
Sein Sensor aims to provide greater value as well as product safety by providing
a sensor professional all round distribution system and give you the most ideal
sensor for customer’s applications.
We promise to do our best to sever our customers faithfully and honestly and
promptly as a reliable partner. Thanks you.

Sein Sensor CEO. M S.Kim
Management Philosophy
고객의 제품에 더욱 큰 가치제공
business motto
  • Sincerity

    We understand exactly what our customers want and we do our best to do everything.

  • Honesty

    We speak honestly and communicate sincerely.

  • Speed

    Don't be afraid of failure, and quickly implement it with a strong challenging spirit.