• Features

    Snap Action

    Automatic Reset

    Superior Heat Response

    PBT Resin Case with Epoxy Sealing


    Wire Customization Upon Request

    IP(Ingress Protection): IP45 (Solid 4, Liquid 5)

    IECEx(Explosion Proof)

  • Application

    Electric Motors, Battery Chargers, Transformers, Power Supplies, Heating Pads, Fluorescent Ballasts, OA-Machines, Solenoids, LED Lighting, etc.

  • Tolerance

    Indicated temperature ±5℃

  • Heat Endurance

    Open Temp. +50℃/continuity, 200℃/1min

  • Contact Capacity

    Min. Current 50mA/repeatedly, Max. Current 30A/5 cycles

  • Temperature Setting Range (at no load)

    50℃ ~ 150℃ in increments of 5℃

  • ON-OFF Differential Temperature (general)


  • Life Cycle(Resistive Load)

    10A/125V AC 10,000 cycles

    7A/250V AC 10,000 cycles

    3A/48V DC 6,000 cycles

    2.2A/48V DC 10,000 cycles

    2.2A/60V DC 6,000 cycles

    1A/277V AC 10,000 cycles

    3A/120V AC 10,000 cycles

  • Safety Certification

    UL/cUL, VDE, CQC, KC

  • Download
    ST-22 Specification